Yoda under the baby blankey

*For cake decorating class.

The baby blanket cake was a vanilla cake with buttercream icing. The cake is decorated in such a way that it appears that the blanket has been pulled up over the sleeping baby just leaving his head sticking out. In reality, there is nothing "under" the blanket. The body under the blanket look is simply achieved by a shaping a mound of icing for the body and then placing a plastic baby head on top. I hope I did not destroy the magic with that reveal....

The hard part ended up being finding a plastic baby head. Victor and I went to a number of stores but to no avail...and having to go to more than one store for anything in LA traffic is a tall order! We finally decided to just make a head out of sugar paste. Making the head, however, brought forth it's own challenge: achieving a realistic skin tone. Ok, that last challenge was more theoretical as we didn't even try to make a human baby head. Instead, we made a Yoda head..or something that was supposed to be Yoda....although he really did have a Homer Simpson like mouth.


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