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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pappy and Harriet's

As a music fan, I have heard tell of Pappy and Harriet's for a few years now. A lot of folks have played here: Calexico, Graham Parsons, Dandy Wharhols, Johnette Napolitano, etc.   A friend was working with a band who was playing out there, so I looked up the website see to see how far it was from LA:  130 miles east!  Although they have a great roster of bands playing every night of the week, unfortunately, it is a little too far to catch a show and then make it to work in the morning! 

Victor and I took a little weekend trip out to the dessert back in June.  We visited the Integratron for a rejuvenating "sound bath" and then headed to Pappy and Harriet's for lunch.   It's located in Pioneertown, CA, a small town in the Yucca Valley near Joshua Tree with a population of 350.  The town was a started as a Old West movie set that had some housing for the actors.  They still do some "old west" reanactments on the weekends (the cast were doing a run through of their lines when we were there).    Pretty easy to find, you take Pioneertown Rd off of Twentynine Palms Highway...there is not much out there, so when you happen upon the town, you know it!     Back to our lunch, I had a veggie burger (this still California after all) and Victor had a grilled chicken sandwich.  Both were tasty, big portions and great if you find yourself out in the Yucca Valley, definitely make time to swing by Pappy and Harriet's in Pioneertown.   If you go for a show,  you may want to consider booking a room at the little motel they have so you can have a beer or two and not worry about driving back to main highway.

Catching up

It's been a few months since I last posted.    My lack of posting was 50% because I have been pretty busy lately and 50% questioning whether or not I wanted to continue with the blog.  I originally started this blog to share my creations from my cake decorating class with my family.  After the class ended, it morphed into a general food blog  but Food Bloggers are a dime a dozen it seems. I wondered, what do I bring to the table that is more interesting or unique than everyone else? I do some recipe creation but mostly, I am just veering off of an existing recipe (always giving credit of course)....also, as most hard core food bloggers will tell you, it's a lot of work creating a picture perfect creation (ok, mine don't always fall into THIS category), getting the best photo possible and then writing an interesting and charming synopsis for your post. For some of the more successful bloggers, it's their full time job!  Anyway, what I missed on my time away from blogging was the the blog is going to be changing a bit, covering more topics than just food.  Hopefully, people will enjoy the change!