Hey baby, wanna cookie?

NOTE: These cookies are a deviation from the A through Z cookie effort.

These are oatmeal cookie pops with dark chocolate M&Ms. These were made as favors for my friend's baby shower. I think these turned out well for being an 11th hour creation. Let's start at the beginning....

We had planned on cookie pops from the start. I bought a few different cookie cutters to try: a stroller, baby bottle, baby foot and teddy bear. I decided to go for the teddy bears and then ice them the green and purple (the shower colors). Things went awry from the very first batch. The whole cookie pop idea wasn't working on the cutout cookies because the cookie simply was not thick enough. I had placed the stick between the bear's legs (seemed logical), so not only did it look like the bear had a stick up it's butt, there was a lump in the crotch area. So, I scratched the lollipop concept and just made the teddy bears. I iced some of them green and some purple with a simple icing glace that hardens. The colors matched in the invitation, but were less than enticing. Then there was the little issue of hardness. The recipe that I used makes the HARDEST cookies. Once you ice them, they soften up but it takes a few days. The night before the shower, they were still hard as rocks, so I had to go into Kitchen McGyver mode. What have I got? Butter, sugar, oatmeal, M&Ms....and there you have it: Oatmeal cookies with M&Ms. Now, since I was doing basically a drop cookie which is thicker, I could use the sticks I had gotten to make pops.

The teddy bears were finally soft enough to eat when I got home from the shower. They were quite tasty but I couldn't risk someone breaking a tooth.


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