Welcome to the jungle, baby Blixa!

This cake was made for a friend's baby shower. It is a mango cake with buttercream icing. I was a little disappointed in the actual cake itself: the mango flavor was a little too subtle and it was a bit dry. As for the decorations, I stuck with a simple design as to not overwhelm folks with food coloring. The baby feet were done with a small star tip. The drop flowers were done with tip 224. The border is C-scroll done with tip 22.

I considered asking Victor do the writing as his handwriting is much better than mine, but as this was for a close friend, I wanted it to be 100% my creation. Truth be told, there was also a bit of little tension between Victor and I during both the decorating of this cake. The tension was the result of feedback being provided what "could have been done" after something had already been completed. Input is always welcome during the creative process but is more helpful during the design phase than actual implementation. I was already stressed as this was my first cake for an actual event, so the Monday morning quarterbacking was ill timed.

The cookie pops in front of the cake are oatmeal cookies with dark chocolate M&Ms (which are heavenly). The pops were given out as shower favors and are described in more detail in the post entitled, "Hey Baby, wanna cookie?".


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