The leaning tower of wedding cake

*For cake decorating class.

Ahhh...the wedding cake; where to start? It's a German Chocolate cake with buttercream icing and royal icing accents (butterfly, swans and lace). A 10 inch pan was used for the bottom tier and 6 inch for the top. This cake was very moist and delicious but visually was not worthy of much of a public outing.

I had high hopes for the wedding cake. The royal icing accents made ahead of time turned out pretty well. Things started to go off kilter right from baking step for the second tier. While baking, the 6 inch tier rose with an extreme slant on top. The cake was "leveled" prior to icing it...but I use that term lightly since once the cake was assembled, the top tier still had a scary slope to it. Due to Victor's brilliant photography, the slope is not that apparent in this photo. The slope wasn't as visible when the 2 tiers were NOT, we took the cake apart and served to 2 different audiences! Voila!

Anyway, the lesson learned here was, the act of "leveling" really means making the cakes level...not just trimming some cake off the top for snacking.


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