To boldly go where no cake has gone before

This is a triple chocolate cake with a standard buttercream icing that was made for a friend's birthday. Obviously, the friend is Star Trek fan...otherwise this design would have been an odd choice, no? Victor and I found a picture of the Star Trek insignia from the upcoming J.J. Abrams movie (scheduled for release May 2009) as a guide. I used a star tip (16 and 18) to do the yellow and black inside the insignia and then tip 48 to line it. A shell border was done around the perimeter of the cake using tip 22 with some yellow star accents between each shell (also tip 22). Victor did the lettering as anyone familiar with my handwriting can attest, it leaves a lot to be desired whether done in ink or buttercream...which is fine if you are going for that "I wrote this while intoxicated look", but for reasons unknown to me, that is not popular on birthday cakes.

Victor had a really good idea about lining the sides of the cake to look like the sleeves of the Star Trek crews' shirts but, sadly we ran out of icing...


Anonymous said…
Wow! That is a great cake. Whoever you made that for is very lucky!

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