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Hotels vs AirBnB

We love to travel.  Who doesn't, right?  I am a big believer in liking where you stay.   I want to get the absolute best deal for my money.  If there is a fair to average lodging option and then a really nice one for $10 to $20 more, I will always go for the nicer one.  When we get "home" from a day of site seeing, I don't want to be grossed out by the shower or bed.  The second thing that is really important to me in my travel lodging is the ability to walk (or drive a very short distance) to get food and drinks.  I want to be able to have a beer or wine with dinner and start to unwind...I don't want to have a 14 mile ride on dark, winding road to back to retire for the night.

When determining where to stay, I typically let price tag be my guide.  Generally I use (part of Expedia) first to see what type of rate I can get where we are going and how close the hotel is located to the location and activities we want to do.  After getting a general sense…

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