Nothin' but a bundt kisser!

A friend posted on Facebook that she took a fun baking class at this bakery here in LA called Kiss My Bundt....with such a snappy name, I had to check it out.
Kiss My Bundt is located on West 3rd St., a few blocks from the Beverly Center. A few years ago, when I used to make an effort to attend the annual West 3rd St Holiday Shopping Party, parking was not too hard to come by on the sides streets in this neighborhood. It seems, however, in the past few years while I was falling in love, getting engaged and then married, all of the side streets become fully permit parking! So, it took us awhile to find a parking spot with a meter about 6 or so blocks away on a Saturday morning. As we walk up to the bakery, there is a sign posted in the window stating there is parking in the alley behind the store...oopps...but there are only a handful of spots, so no guarantee of getting one. The store itself is a pretty decent size space with a lot of potential. Sadly, untapped potential at this time. There are a number of great breakfast and lunch places like Joan's On Third, Jack and Jill's Too, and Doughboys right along 3rd St here that were doing some bustling brunch business the day we were there. Gads of foot traffic passing right by Kiss My Bundt...but not many coming in. Why? Well, the space has hard wood floors, a small counter and an old-ish couch...I don't think there was a coffee table in front of the couch but I could be wrong. There is nothing wrong with any of these objects but the set up just didn't seem inviting enough to come in, grab a cake with some coffee and hang out...and if you came in with 2 friends, the three of you would have to line up on the get where I am going with this.
Decor aside, what about the cakes? Were they delicous and worth the parking hassle? I wanted to be blown away by the cakes but sadly that was not the case. The cakes were good but a little on the expensive side and nothing that I could not make myself. I love the sassy name of the bakery, I love that they are doing something besides the cupcakes (yawn) but the location + price were big negatives for me.


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