Nobody likes Mayo

I bought this tee shirt at the Los Angeles Renegade Fair. It reminded me of my sister. Growing up, she was not a fan of mayo (now give her some Lebanon bologna with mustard and she was in heaven...). Despite her disdain for the white stuff, she loved cole slaw...yes, I know that most cole slaws are made with mayonnaise but kids don't really take the time to breakdown the ingredients mentally at a BBQ. Now that she is older, she appreciates that mayo can add some flair in specific dishes but....still not a big fan.

Me on the other of my favorite childhood sandwiches was ham and cheese with mayo. I love potato salad, mac salad, cole slaw....however, I do not like mayo on a burger. I feel it adds nothing and just makes my burger slide around. Don't even get me started on the dipping of french fries into mayo. I am definitely not a supporter of that practice.

I suppose most of us have mixed feelings on mayo. I guess what I am saying is: Don't shun mayo; it's good condiment when used correctly.


Victor said…
I remember my mom slathering tons of mayo onto my vienna sausage sandwiches. She would split the sausages in two and line them up on the bread like Lincoln Logs. Then came the glue, which was the mayo. I never liked them too much and always tried to trade my lunch at school for someone else's PB and J.

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