Fried food mecca: The OC Fair

It's impossible to describe for the uninitiated the endless options of junk food at the OC Fair. In a part of the country known for beaches and bikinis, the fair shows that at least once a year, people relax and let it all hang out. From 2 foot long corn on the cob to chocolate covered bacon, there is truly something for everyone. While I am known to enjoy a Krispy Kreme donut here and there, I can't bring myself to order a chicken sandwich where the "bread" is 2 Krispy Kremes (see sign in upper left of the picture).

We went to the fair twice this summer, both times to see concerts (The B-52s were AMAZING). You can't walk through the fair on the way to amphitheater without being tempted by some dangerous delectable. The first trip, I really wanted a soft serve cone but tried to be good and have something nutritious first. I bought a gigantic chicken kabob, spent the rest of the night in gastro-distress and never got my ice cream cone...apparently, too much of a semi-healthy thing (grilled chicken, onions and green peppers) is still going to put your stomach into overdrive. The second time, I followed my gut (pun intended) and went straight of the soft serve vanilla/chocolate swirl cone dipped in sprinkles ("jimmies" for you east coasters). I felt much better this time...Lesson learned: if you want soft serve, just go straight for the soft serve and get your nutrition another day!


Victor said…
Funny! Nicely done.

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