*Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

I made this cake for a friend's birthday.   Victor suggested I make an iPod Touch cake but I really couldn't figure out how to pull that off, so I went with the iconic image from the Watchmen.  For those not familiar with Watchmen, one of the characters, The Comedian, wears a smiley face button.   The Comedian is killed in the opening sequence...pushed out a window actually and his smiley face button lands next to him and gets splattered with blood.  So, that image is the inspiration of this cake's design.    Included is a picture (bottom) of the smiley face before I added the blood splatter since I thought it turned out pretty cool and I was afraid I was going to mess up the splatter.  

It was a devil's food cake with buttercream icing.    
(* Post title translation for the non-Latin speaking, non-comic book loving crowd:  Who watches the watchmen?)


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