St. Patty's Day defeats

The reason I haven't really posted since February was because I lost my baking mojo around St. Patty's Day.   The next letter in my Cookies A-Z quest is I.   The timing was perfect: it was March and therefore all things Irish are all the rage.  I selected Irish Lace cookies.  Disaster.  I even made them twice.  The first time, the recipe I found on the web had the incorrect proportions of flour to oatmeal.   These "cookies" turned out be like tasteless flour patties with some random oats tossed in (Victor politely said they were "pretty good"...which was very sweet but not at all truthful).     The second time, I decided to use olive oil spray to coat my baking pan rather than butter it...resulting in the cookies completely breaking down into one giant cookie pan full of greasy oatmealish-brown sugary mess.       

After those less than stellar offerings, I decided to go with one of my old standard recipes that has treated me well in the past: simple cutout cookies.    In an effort to make they a little bit unique, I added mini chocolate chips.   For reasons that now seem obvious, the mini chips caused the cookies come out all lumpy and bumpy....The cookie pictured above is pretty much the only one that came looking like a shamrock. 


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