Shrimp and Crab Enchiladas for my favorite hot tamale!

I like a low key Valentine's Day.  Going out and dealing with the hustle and bustle of rest of the world is not my idea of a romantic evening.  Staying at home in my pajamas with my honey having a nice meal and watching romantic movie are more my speed.   This year, I made Shrimp and Crab Enchiladas with Key Lime pie for dessert (Victor loves Key Lime Pie).    These enchiladas are super easy to make and so far, I have not met anyone that doesn't like them. 

In regards to the shrimp, pre-cooked, frozen could certainly be used, but I generally like to get fresh raw shrimp and peel, devein and cook myself.   Although more work, I think they have a better flavor.  I like to cut the shrimp into smaller pieces as well.   I tend to use the canned crab meat.  The big crab legs a bit intimidating and expensive to me.   Finally,  I always skip the sour cream:  it seems to add unnecessary calories without adding much to overall flavor of the dish (I am not a big sour cream person)

Shrimp and Crab Enchiladas
1 pound of shrimp
1 - 6 oz can of crab meat (sometimes I use 2 cans)
8 oz Monterey Jack cheese
1 - 20 oz can of enchilada sauce, red or green  (I prefer the green but did use red this time since it was Valentine's Day)
1 - 8 oz container sour cream (optional)
1 bunch of green onions chopped (optional)
12 - 12 inch flour tortillas

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F.
Mix crab, shrimp and cheese in a big bowl.  Set some cheese aside to sprinkle over the top of the enchiladas.
Lay tortillas on flat surface.  In the middle of each tortilla, place some of the crab/shrimp/cheese mixture.  Roll the tortillas to form enchiladas.  Arrange side by side in 9x13 baking dish. 
Pour enchilada sauce over all the enchiladas.  The sauce should cover the enchiladas completely. Sprinkle remaining cheese over the enchiladas.
Cover and bake for 30 minutes.  Remove cover and bake for 15 more.  
Top enchiladas with sour cream (if you are going that route) and green onions to serve. 


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