Breakfast musings, part 1

Me and breakfast go way back...One of my first jobs was at Lou's Deli in Andorra Shopping Center. I was the breakfast cook. Eggs sunnyside, over easy, over hard, poached, scrambled, omelettes, bacon, scrapple, pancakes, waffles, bagels and lox...I made 'em all and not necessarily with a smile 100% of the time (just ask my sister...). Breakfast cooking at a restaurant is not an easy task since most breakfast entrees cool off very quickly once removed from their heat source. So, if you have gone out to breakfast in a group of 3 or more and everyone had a good experience, leave a generous tip since it means the cook probably made all the food simultaneously and your server was really on top of picking the order getting it out to you.

There is a good article in the new issue (March 2009) of Esquire magazine called Esquire's All You Can Eat Breakfast. The article is broken up into two parts, the first being recipes you can make at home and the second being great places across America to get breakfast. Some interesting recipes included are eggs in tomato sauce as well as bacon and egg fried rice. In terms of the places recommended, I haven't eaten yet at any of them...although I am excited to check out many of them.

In addition to those listed in the article, for Philly, I would also recommend Christine's Family Restaurant (it's actually in Norristown) for their French Toast stuffed with ham and melted cheese. For LA, I would recommend the Lazy Daisy on Wilshire and Aroma on Sunset. The Lazy Daisy has some great egg plates, good potatos and always seems to have some fruit on the plate. Aroma has a crazy huge menu but my personal favorite is the Challah French Toast.


Anonymous said…
No love for the Blue Plate in Santa Monica?

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