Cork Factory - Lancaster, PA

Over the holidays, Victor and I hit another hotel listed on the Historic Hotels website.  This time, we were in Lancaster, PA...better known to some folks as the locale for Discovery Channel's Amish Mafia.

Anyway, back to the hotel:  It is called the Cork Factory Hotel and it's located in Downtown Lancaster.   Built in 1865 and used as cork factory from 1875 through the 1960s when bottles and caps began to be produced there.  In around 2004,  the building and those surrounding it where purchased to be re-purposed as a mixed use community.   The hotel debuted in it's current form in 2009.  

The Hotel's decor is is beautiful with exposed red brick and wood framework.  The walls are adorned with antique cork presses.  The rooms, especially when compared to some we have stayed at in NYC, are huge! The included continental breakfast included the typical fare (individual yogurts, bagels, granola bars, cold cereal) as well as some local pastries...but really, give me a good cup of coffee with cream and I am in heaven... the sticky bun was an just an added bonus!  The hotel's only negative is the sound proofing between the rooms but bad acoustics seem to be the norm in the historic hotels.   With some ear plugs, we had a sound night's rest.

The Lancaster Brewing Company was located around the corner from the hotel, so we walked over there for dinner.  Victor had bbq chicken pizza and I tried the veggie burger...both very tasty.  In terms of the beer, I enjoyed my Milk Stout but Victor was just lukewarm on his Strawberry Wheat.  He wanted some sort of wheat beer but the "strawberry" part just made it a little too sweet.    According to Yelp reviews, the service here can be a spotty but our overall experience was great.


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