Mission Coffee Cup - La Jolla

Victor and I had breakfast at the Mission Coffee Cup in La Jolla a few weeks ago.  It is just a small place with a few seats outside...it was a bit cold and foggy the morning we were there, so we opted to wait for an inside table.  The tables are really packed closely together, so it's a bit of challenge navigating around.  Although Yelp says the place is wheelchair accessible, the only way I could see getting a wheelchair in there is if they temporarily moved some tables out.   There was a woman in a wheelchair eating there at the same time as us, but her party opted to eat outside on the patio which is saying something since it was about 60 degrees or so outside.

Given the name, I would love to say the coffee was outstanding, sadly I had to skip coffee since we had a 2 hour car ride back to LA after we ate.  Coffee and long car rides don't mix for me.  Their orange juice, however, was fresh squeezed and delicious!

This is definitely not your "greasy spoon" diner fare...the majority of the dishes had a healthy tofu/brown rice/egg white thing going on.  Victor got the Banana Honey Oatmeal pancakes and I got some sort of egg scramble thing.  The eggs were good but the absolute standout of the meal was the rosemary toast.   This toast made me want to drive straight home and try to make my own....I just could not get enough of it!


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