The various treats that convey "Independence"!

I am a sucker for seasonal themed foods. 4th of July easily conjures up thoughts of burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, maybe some apple pie or a berry crumble...but what I am referring to here as "seasonal foods" are those 4th of July themed cookies at grocery store. "Patriotic" cookies if you will. Nothing says Happy Birthday America like red, white and blue sugar cookies, right? They are the quickest way to convey "I didn't have time to do some more unique or homemade, I am not too cool to be caught up in the excitement of the holiday so I grabbed a six pack of Pacifico and these cookies". And when you bring these treats to a BBQ, no one goes crazy with the compliments saying "ohhh, thanks! I was hoping someone would bring these cookies that I saw in every store for past week or so"...BUT everyone is eating one or grabbing a few on their way out by the end of the party. So, if you are short on time, don't be ashamed, just grab that hard to open plastic tray of cookies in the market and get the party started!


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