Cupcake tweaking..

I have signed up to be part of Cupcake Camp LA on Nov 20th at the Henry Fonda Music Box. As an amateur baker, I am only obligated to bring 100 cupcakes. I am going to try to make 200....maybe. Bakers have to be at the venue at 10 am on Saturday morning, which means I am going to have to do all my baking and decorating after work on Friday night...pretty ambitious given that I typically fall asleep around 10 pm on Fridays.

Chocolate coconut is the flavor I selected, so I have been trying out some recipes. I made 2 different versions which I frosted with a confectioners sugar frosting and various toppings:
  • toasted coconut: not bad but apparently coconut toasts very quickly. I sent the timer for 10 minutes but it started to burn after 5!
  • cocoa covered coconut: eh..just ok. On it's own, it was underwhelming but tasted ok with the sweet icing.
  • fresh coconut: tasted ok...
  • chopped up Mounds bar: too sweet combined with the icing.
It's safe to say the winning combination has not yet been experimentation continues!


Your cupcakes sound delicious. Can't wait to try one. I'll be baking too. Very overwhelmed and excited.

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