This is a lemon cake I made for a wine tasting party that Victor and I held a few weeks ago. My luck with the scratch cakes (with the exception being the Sour Cream Coffee Cake) is hit or miss. I didn't want want to risk making a crappy, dense, flat cake for our party, so I made a box cake. As with all box cakes that I make, I substituted applesauce for the oil and "greased" the pan with olive oil spray rather butter or shortening. Both of these substitutions have never failed for me...and I think I actually prefer the cakes with the applesauce. They always seem moister to me than those made with oil. Since this was a wine tasting and people would be drinking wine and snacking on cheese and crackers, I didn't want to go with a heavy, super sweet icing on top of the cake. This glace icing is the same icing I use on top of the rolled/decorated sugar, like the applesauce substitution, is another "no fail" move. The cake was just the right amount of sweet after all that wine.


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