Super Bowl Roll Ups!

Whenever I think of Super Bowl party foods, I think of some sort of taco dip creation which typically involves cream cheese and some chili/taco flavoring.  This year I decided to make some salsa rolls up inspired by a recipe I saw on the Kraft Foods Recipe website. Of course, I improvised a bit to make it fall more in line with my "taco dip" theme.

Note that this is a party food recipe, so it makes a decent amount.  I got about 35 nice slices with about 10 uneven end pieces.  If you want less, just cut the recipe in half....

1 package of Burrito size flour tortillas
2  8 oz packages of cream cheese
1 package of shredded cheddar or mixed cheese (cheddar, colby, jack, etc...)
10 tablespoons of medium Pico de Gallo
1 package or taco seasoning mix

Put the cream cheese in a medium sized bowl.    Add the pico de gallo and taco seasoning.  Mix until thoroughly combined.

Spread a layer of of the cream cheese mixture onto a tortilla and sprinkle with the shredded cheese.  Although it is not in the "preparation" photo, I also added a bit of shredded lettuce for crunch...I think chopped onions would also work well in the regard.  Anyway, once your ingredients are on the tortilla, roll the tortilla as tightly as possible.  After it is rolled, simply cut into about 1 -  1 1/2 inch sized slices.  Continue until you run out of the cream cheese mixture.  I ended up using 5 tortillas.


Victor said…
These were very tasty!

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