Dias De Los Muertos

Last weekend, The Hollywood Forever Cemetary hosted their annual Dias De Los Muertos festival.  Although this was our first time attending, the Cemetary has been hosting this event for the last thirteen years.   If you are not familiar with Dias De Los Muertos, aka Days of the Dead, basically, November 1st and 2nd are set aside to celebrate family members which have passed on.  November 1st is used to honor deceased infants and children while the 2nd is reserved for adults. People put together fairly ornate alters around the gravesites/headstones to honors their loved ones using marigolds and La Calavera Catrina (The Elegant Skull)  imagery.   The event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary also included vendors selling Dias De Los Muertos themed art as well as some music performances.   It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles this year for the event.   The pictures don't do it justice....


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