2012 Halloween Treats

In an effort to get in the Halloween spirit,  I put together these spooky treats.  I cannot take credit for the vampire cupcake concept...google "Halloween vampire cupcakes" and this design will come up...but since it's on many websites, I am not sure who to give proper credit to?  Who ever came up with the idea, thank you!  It's easy yet holiday specific!  Perfect for those who want a festive cupcake without a lot of food coloring.  

I was a little disappointed on how the sugar cookies turned out.   They taste great but they just look so-so.  I made the cookies over the weekend but they didn't get decorated until Monday night after work (during the last Presidential debate actually).   I was already tired from work but I couldn't wait until the weekend again to decorate so we sort of rushed through the decorating.  If I could only quit my job and work on cookie decorating full time...I have great ideas in my head, they just rarely make it on to the cookie!   Luckily, there are plenty of holidays coming up to try again!


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