Who can make the sun rise?

I know some folks complain and shake their heads in disbelief when the stores start putting out the Easter candy the day after Valentine's Day. Not me. I look forward to 2/15 as the day that spiced jelly beans and pastel colored M&Ms make their well deserved annual comeback.

This year I bought 2 big (2 lbs each) packages of Peanut M&Ms the second they hit the shelves with the intention of making those "bird's nest" macaroons (the ones w/ the M&M on top). I never did make them....but I did eat all of those Peanut M&Ms over the course of a few weeks. I ate a few while making dinner, doing the laundry, another handful or three while dusting..."little rewards" for all my hard work. Then I got a coupon to buy 2 more bags...and buy them I did! More rewards for myself for a hard day at work, making it through the week, picking up groceries....

So here we are a couple of pounds of Peant M&Ms later: I have had to reinstate my candy ban. My problem with Peanut M&Ms actually started back in college...I ate them daily. When they started to disrupt my sleep patterns, I realized I need to back off. Like any addiction, it was a day to day struggle for alwhile. Every now and again, like Easter, I try dipping my toes in the Peanut M&M pond to see if I can handle their magic without falling off the deep end...apparently, I am not quite there yet.

Sure, the pictures above show there were other candies in my Easter basket but for this M&M addict, all I see are Peanut M&Ms.


vdeanda said…
It could be worse. You could be addicted to marshmallow Peeps. That would be unforgivable. Just sayin'.

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