Is the sweetest wedding cake your own?

Victor and I got married on November 1st. It sounds cliche, but as one that has gone through planning a wedding already knows, it's a lot of stress but is all worth it in the end. As a person with a food blog who has taken cake decorating classes in the past, one might think I would have had very specific ideas about what type of wedding cake we should serve. Ironically, I did not. There are so many choices out there, it is a bit overwhelming: traditional multi-tiered cake vs cupcakes, fondant vs buttercream, etc. The one thing that I did know is that I did not want our guests to take one forkful of cake and then leave the rest of the slice on the plate. In other words, I wanted it to taste good. As long as the cake tasted good, the decorations were secondary.
Our wedding took place at The William Penn Inn in Gwynedd, PA. Since we were planning the wedding from Los Angeles, we looked for a venue which offered a package deal. The William Penn Inn offered an amazing package which covered literally everything including the cake. They offered a few different flavors of cakes and fillings from which we could choose. After trying a few at the tasting, we selected vanilla genoise layered with a lemon filling, finished with European buttercream. They served each slice with fresh fruit coulis garnished with a crisp almond tuile and white chocolate curls. I really wish I had gotten a photograph of individual cake slices on the plate since it was a very nice presentation...but with all of the excitment, I didn't even think of it.....Anyway, all of the food was excellent (granted, I am biased...). Guests had the choice of Capon Marsala or Baked Fillet of Salmon for dinner. The wedding cake was served for desert. The cake was simultaneoulsy moist, light and refreshing.
Major props to my parents who went and checked out venues for us and ultimately steered us towards The William Penn Inn. It was an excellent choice. If you are in the Philly area and have never eaten at the William Penn Inn, definitely check it out...and don't forget to order desert!
BTW: Obviously, neither Victor or I took these photos since we are in one. These photos were taken by Austin Gorg.


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