The worst Snickerdoodle cookies ever!

The thought was that I would try making some of my favorite recipes with wheat flour in an attempt to make them more healthy. Well...apparently, it's not that cut and dry. I took my mom's never fail snickerdoodles and substituted in wheat flour for the normal all purpose flour. It may have even been wheat bread flour...who knows, I threw away the package....Anway, there are probably a thousand websites that discuss how to convert recipes to wheat flour. I didn't look at any of them. These were mildly edible and barely earned the monkier of "cookie"; cakey wheat blob covered in sugar would probably be a more accurate label. I will spare you the recipe...We tried to eat them because we felt too guilty throwing them away and too embarrassed to share them with anyone. Eventually, the blobs got moldy and we had to 86 them anyway. The picture of above is the last few left in the cookie jar right before they got dumped in the, these were bad!


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